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Stand A Chance To Win A BMW when you purchase a Bespoke Refrigerator!
* T& C Apply*
[ 1 Aug- 15 Oct 2023 ]

Stand A Chance To Win A BMW when you purchase a Bespoke Refrigerator!

* Terms and Conditions Apply*

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#SamsungHomeAppliances #BespokeREF

Description: 1 Aug- 15 Oct 2023

It's time! Purchase the latest home entertainment and appliances for your family. Embrace freedom of choice this Merdeka with massive savings and rewards.

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Experience the ultimate cleaning power with Samsung's BESPOKE Jet Cordless Stick Vacuum!

a. Get a FREE Spray Spinning Sweeper worth RM599 with every purchase of BESPOKE JET Complete Extra.


b. Enjoy PWP at RM99 when you purchase the BESPOKE Jet complete.

Don't miss out - limited time offer valid until September 15, 2023 in stores!

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April 24, 2024

您做了有效的遗嘱确保留给心爱家人的产业有保障吗 ?Have U made a Valid Will to Ensure properties left to your beloved family members are protected?


March 6, 2024

We provide Legalised Foreign Workers & Domestic Maids .Easy Application With No Deposit
本公司提供合法外劳和女佣. 申请简易及无需订金!


February 28, 2024

Pakar Menghasil Pintu Pagar, Pintu Lipat, Tangga Besi, Awning & Hiasan lain. ! 承接定制拉门,折门,铁花 楼梯扶手,凉蓬等等铁器工程. 免费估价 !


February 7, 2024

Mutu Baik & Harga Jimat ‼️
Pintu Gate Beasr/ Kecil ~ Tingkap~ Awning & lain Kerja-kerja Besi ! 优质产品+价钱公道 ‼️承接大小铁器工程 篱笆门~大门~窗花~凉蓬及其它铁器工程


February 6, 2024

SHJ Motorsports 您首选的高质量汽车服务中心!承接本地/进口汽车 维修和保养!卓越服务和公道价格来让客户们满意!👍 Pilihan Wajar Utk Tayar& Rim,Servis & Repair !👍

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